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  • B&Č Transport public convoy

    Monday 21st December, 2020


    Date(s) - 21/12/2020
    5:30 pm - 9:00 pm


    Have you heard about B&Č Transport public convoys?

    You haven’t?

    Then you missed so much fun and great driving with B&Č Transport Convoy Control cooperating with Viva Convoy Control.

    Do you want to try out B&Č Transport public convoy?

    Then you are lucky, because B&Č Transport is hosting another public convoy in December.

    Yes in less then month on 21st December, they are hosting public Christmas Convoy this time with their own CC Team, do you wanna have some fun in ETS2 and enjoy the convoy at the same time? Then join them for a perfect ride from Lyon to Ostrava through beautiful Middle Europe.

    Truckfest slot: 21

    The Route:

    End of Convoy Slot: 6

    Want to join Their CC Team with experienced CC Supervisors?

    Then you can find a application form link down below. Don’t worry this CC Team is gonna be used only for B&Č Events which are happening not monthly or weekly so there are no obligations to activity or something.

    Do you wanna know more? You can find more information in this links bellow:

    :microphone2:Discord:microphone2:: https://discord.gg/V7aUyk4

    :page_facing_up::writing_hand: ETS2c:page_facing_up::writing_hand:: https://ets2c.com/view/88665/creeper-jax-lyon-service-station

    :page_with_curl:TMP Forum Post:page_with_curl:: TBC

     :rotating_light:Application Form:rotating_light:: https://forms.gle/MKsD4z1t39t9cwbk9

    We are looking forward to see you with BVAR Trucking in the B&Č Transport convoy.

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