Dementia UK Charity convoy

Dementia UK Charity convoy

Sunday 29th November, 2020


Date(s) - 29/11/2020
11:00 am - 10:00 pm


Dementia UK Charity Convoy

:calendar_spiral: 29th November 2020 :calendar_spiral:

:truck: Server: Event Server :truck:

:articulated_lorry: Truckfest starts 11:00am (UK Time) We will be covering 5 route’s :articulated_lorry:

:ferry: Starting from Calais, Sea Port :ferry:

:ferry: Finishing at Stavanger, Sea Port :ferry:

DLC Needed: Going East, Viva Le France, Scandinavia

Truckfest: Slot 3 With Tango Transport

Route 1: Calais, Sea Port to Zurich, Tree-et 12:00 Start

Route 2: Zurich, Tree-et to Salzburg, Quarry 13:45 Start

Route 3: Salzburg, Quarry to Rostock, Sea Port 15:30 Start

Route 4: Gedser, Sea Port to Kapellskar, Sea Port 17:45 Start

Route 5: Kapellskar, Sea Port to Stavenger, Sea Port 19:30 Start

Ets2c Link:

Just Giving Link:

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