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    Tuesday 6th October, 2020


    6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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    On October 6th, we’re taking a trip across the stunning Scandinavian region of Europe. We’ll meet up in Växjö, before heading north-west towards Oslo, Norway, through Sweden’s gorgeous countryside. From Oslo, we’ll head east, along the roads of Norway’s southern coast— arguably the most beautiful area in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game— before concluding the evening in Stavanger.

    We would like to ask that, if you are attending our convoy this Sunday, please turn up as pink as possible! You can do this through truck customisation options, your player tag, or any other way you can find. We highly suggest you purchase the Pink Ribbon Charity Pack DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. All proceeds from the DLC will go towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer.

    Date: Sunday, October 6th 2019
    Meetup / Departure: 18:00 BST / 18:30 BST
    Server: Harmony Convoys or Simulation 2
    Starting Location: Växjö, Sweden
    Destination: Stavanger Sea Port, Norway
    DLC Required: Scandinavia

    Slot booking is available for VTCs and communities alike! This optional perk gives companies and communities a space to park up neatly, without other trucks getting in the way. For more information, see #slot-booking

    We need your help in getting an event server! We urge all those hoping to attend to click ‘Yes, I will be there!’ on our ETS2c post, linked below. Every signature counts!

    Questions? Feel free to ask in #general-chat or email us at HarmonyConvoys@gmail.com

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