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  • Join BVAR Trucking!

    1. To become a BVAR driver you first need a Trucksbook account and the app installed on your computer. Please create an account on Trucksbook and download the software. After having installed and logged in, click ‘Apply’ below to fill in the application.
    2. An account and the software from TruckersMP will be needed for participating in convoys, so please create an account and install the software. Also, please apply to our VTC page here: BVAR Trucking
    3. If you don’t already have Discord, you can create an account and download it here:Discord
      Join the BVAR Trucking Discord here:BVAR Trucking
    4. Once your application has been accepted, launch the Trucksbook app and Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator.
      If you like, you can hang out with us in Discord. Welcome onboard!