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  • BVAR Trucking April Update

    BVAR Trucking April news Welcome to BVAR Trucking April newsletter Edition, you’ll be able to view a summary of the April of below. VTC Statistics ETS2 Driver Of The Month Spidervipper101 – A Total of I58,629 Miles Philippa001 – A Total of 98,001 Miles ATS Driver Of The Month WelshGamer1975 – A Total of 35,759 […]

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    BVAR’s January Monthly Update

    By DemntedShortbrerad Driver Of The Month ETS2 – Thub42 and Xeno Driver of The Month ATS – Pickl3z Eire Agri Convoy Banner Of The Month – Goes To TheLego1912 This Month We did 835 367miles Overall This month we attended multiply convoys and had a great challenge at the end of the month Eire Agri Convoy, January Drive Along and Golden Phoenix Monthly convoy.

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