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  • BVAR Trucking 2 Year Anniversary Convoy

    Tuesday 18th August, 2020


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    Afternoon all I hope all are well!
    Today we celebrate BVAR Trucking Turning being 2 Years old!! I know 2 Year Old Crazy Right?
    We thought it would be nice to celebrate it with all of you THE PUBLIC!

    History of the VTC.
    Replay is the founder for this VTC from day one in 2018 18th August @ 3:57am. Then we started to plan our vtc’s future. So we agreed on going onto Trucksbook for our logging software. The first couple of months we started to develop our little community and then the more drivers we got the better we began to get. Thanks to the amazing staff team over the past 2 years this could not of been made possible without your guys’ help
    From January this year we thought.. We need to try to beat this..This year to date we are CURRENTLY over 6 million miles!! Wow what a achievement and we haven’t even finished this year. Anyway. Going off topic. Now that bit is over here is the stuff you want!

    Thanks to TMP and your guys’ help this could not of been made possible. BVAR Trucking VTC is a strong friendly and active VTC that has been on the go since August 2018 with a phenomenal staff team and amazing drivers that i would never look at as drivers they are my family. And this VTC would not be going without all of there help. So I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for choosing BVAR Trucking and staying by our side, couldn’t of asked you for a better team. Here’s to a great convoy and many more years of BVAR Trucking. #teambvartrucking #bestcommunityever #2yearsofbvartrucking

    Date: 18th August 2020
    Location: Oslo (seaport)
    Destination: Uppsala (Drekkar Trans)
    Time: 7:00 GMT
    Server: Event Server/ Sim2

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