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    I’m Sim 1 for quite some time I was the oldest person in the VTC, everyone here calls me “sim”. IRL I’m an Engineering Project Manager and I have a passion for tech and gaming. Trucksbook

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    Hi! I’m Danny, I’m the newest member of the BVAR Trucking management Team. I have been with BVAR Trucking for almost 3 years and loved every minute of it, especially meeting new people and gaining new friends. I’m 33 and from the East Yorkshire side of England. I like to have a Drive/Chat with Drivers/Friends […]

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    Hi! I’m Glen, and I’m currently the only manager from outside the UK at BVAR Trucking. The correlation between my functioning timezone and physical location is usually slim to none; going to bed at sunrise is perfectly normal. Although I’m generally a quiet person, you could easily get me to talk for hours about technology […]

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