2 Years On The Road

2 Years On The Road

Tuesday 18th August, 2020

Since 18th of August 2018 BVAR Trucking has been trucking for 2 years. To celebrate this occasion the VTC has arranged a birthday convoy inviting all drivers and friends of BVAR Trucking to join in. At these festivities the news about the updated paint job will be revealed as a surprise for the convoy participants, along with the launch of this very website.

It has been an eventful couple of years for our Virtual Trucking Company, at one point having throned as #1 in the UK for 6 entire months. Showing the world that this bunch of friends can certainly log some world class miles. Not only have we built a capable trucking company, but also friendships around the virtual trucking community. We are proud to call other VTCs not only our friendly rivals, but also our mates as we are enjoying our time on the road together.

Congratulations to all the drivers as well as management on a job well done and also an excellent event. Many more years and many more miles to come! Cheers everyone!

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