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  • BVAR.co.uk is live!

    BVAR.co.uk is live!

    Tuesday 18th August, 2020

    The BVAR Trucking website has been launched, just in time for the second year anniversary of the Virtual Trucking Company. Web developers Xeno and Jaxeed has been hard at work building the site from the back end, getting it ready to go live. The design incorporates the characteristic paint job of BVAR Trucking, making the association easy to make. The colour scheme has also got a timely update changing the red to match the blue, simplifying the expression while remaining stylish. The reveille of the updated paint job for the VTC members also happening as we speak.

    The functionality for the website will continue being developed and more pages added with time according to need. Though the basic infrastructure has been established making it an easy framework to build on into the future. Many nights of coding causing our developers to go cross-eyed is now behind us as this website has officially been launched.

    The main purpose of the site is to communicate news about the VTC and give members and friends of BVAR Trucking a quick and easy reference for events and goings on. Also it will function as an entrance portal to the application process to join the company. So feel free to click around and have a look, though remember there is much more to come – so watch this space!

    Welcome to BVAR Trucking!

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