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  • BVAR March 2024 Update

    BVAR March 2024 Update

    Saturday 6th April, 2024

    BVAR Trucking March news

    Welcome to BVAR Trucking March newsletter Edition, you’ll be able to view a summary of the month of below.

    VTC Statistics

    • In the month of January, BVAR has logged a total of 687,780 miles in ETS2 & 33,043 miles in ATS.
    • Our drivers has deliveries a total of 957 across March as this was an increase from last month. (Across both games).
    • BVAR has ended March in 2nd in ETS2 & 17th in ATS. (In the UK).

    ETS2 Driver Of The Month

    TruckerRichard – A Total of 53,345 Miles

    Philippa001 – A Total of 76,686 Miles

    ATS Driver Of The Month

    Dramakazee – A Total of 16,131 Miles

    Banner Of The Month


    We participated in the following convoys:

    We created the following convoys:

    Here are some pictures of the convoy we’ve participated in:

    Global Trucking

    Drive Along Spring Convoy

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