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  • BVAR Trucking Monthly Convoy May 2024

    BVAR Trucking Monthly Convoy May 2024

    Saturday 4th May, 2024

    Event Information

    You’re invited to join BVAR Trucking May convoy.

    Get your snow wheels out and your warm jacket as we head through the heart of Iceland on some tricky roads, as for some reason the MAN WIND in Garpsdalur ask us to delivery tons of Gummy Bears.

    Date: Wednesday, 15th May 2024

    Meetup Time: 18:30 BST

    Departure Time: 19:00 BST

    **Start Location: Reyðarfjörður (ITCC)

    **Destination: Garpsdalur (MAN WIND)

    Server: Promods

    DLC Required: ProMods Europe (All map expansions)

    Distance: 655 Miles

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