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  • Dementia Convoy 29/11/2020

    Monday 30th November, 2020

    On the 29th November 2020 we attended a charity convoy event to raise money for Dementia UK which took place on an event server on ETS2, truckfest started at 11am (BST/GMT) and we covered 5 routes where we started from Calais Sea Port and finished at Stavanger Sea Port at around 6pm (BST/GMT)…

    Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through their admiral nurse service, they give one to one support, guidance and practical solutions that people need… Admiral nurses are continually trained and supported by Dementia UK and families have the support of someone who is an expert and caring by their side…

    During this convoy we have so far raised £374 and are continuing to raise money for them so we would like to give a shout out to these people who have donated so far:
    Liam BVAR – £10.00
    DannyBVAR88 – £5.00

    BVAR Trucker – £100.00 (another BVAR Trucker)
    TsiSport Grandad (BVAR) – £50.00
    Anonymous – £100.00 (another BVAR Trucker)
    BVAR Trucking – £100.00
    Jerry $3.00US
    Starz (BVAR) – £5.00
    ScoobyDooGamin (from everyone Logitech Logistics) £2.00

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